Below you’ll find testimonials and inspiring hypnobirthing stories by those who’ve attended my hypnobirthing classes. These have been generously shared by couples just like you. I think you’ll agree they demonstrate that hypnobirthing always makes a difference regardless of the circumstances.


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‘Christine’s pre-birth advice helped me to achieve a natural, positive and calm birth experience, even after being induced. She has such a thoughtful and kind manner and lots of fantastic advice to share, all of which really helped in the moment when we were in hospital. I would certainly recommend hypnobirthing and working with Christine to any expectant parents!

I had taken hypnobirthing classes to learn relaxation and breathing techniques to help me achieve as natural a birth as possible. However, two weeks before my due date we found out that I needed to be induced for medical reasons. I was very nervous about the induction and thought it would mean an end to my hopes for a natural birth and I would end up with multiple medical interventions.

Christine’s support and advice was so valuable, especially at this tricky time. With her experience as a midwife as well as being a trained hypnobirthing teacher, Christine helped me to understand the medical options so that I was more informed about my choices, but – more importantly – she also taught me how to use all the hypnobirthing tools and techniques my husband and I had learnt to stay as positive, active, mobile and calm as possible even in a more medical setting. It was exactly what I needed. As a result, I felt much stronger going into hospital and I knew what I needed to do to stay in control and keep ‘in the zone’. Once the surges/ contractions started, I used the yoga ball, I moved constantly, we walked around the hospital and I listened to music and relaxation mp3s on my headphones. Everything happened very quickly after that and within 6 hours of my waters breaking, our beautiful baby daughter was born. The midwives respected our wishes brilliantly and supported us to achieve a natural birth with no pain relief offered or further interventions needed.

Apart from the initial induction and the continuous monitoring of baby’s heartrate, we managed to have the natural birth experience we wanted and it was an amazing feeling. Powerful, without being painful. Our daughter arrived happily into the world and latched on within the first hour as we enjoyed a lot of skin-to-skin time immediately after her birth.

Christine was so understanding, so knowledgeable and so supportive. She balances an incredible sensitivity with impressive expertise so that you feel immediately more confident about the situation. Christine’s support and the hypnobirthing approach helped us to stay calm and positive throughout and helped my husband provide the perfect level of comfort and encouragement’.

Thank you Christine!

(I love this story because it perfectly demonstrates the benefits of  hypnobirthing even when things don’t go to plan. It also highlights the importance of  remaining positive – Christine)



Out of all the things we spent money on in preparation for the arrival of our baby, the hypnobirthing course with Christine was by far our best investment. We became interested in the idea of hypnobirthing as a way to build my confidence in my ability to birth my baby and to also help us to understand the birth process and what to expect. This was especially helpful for my husband who doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to fainting when worried about me and my health (I’ve had a few trips to hospital over the last couple of years!!)

Christines knowledge and expertise throughout the course and beyond was invaluable. Knowing that she was at the end of the phone or an email away for any questions we had was so reassuring and we really appreciated all of the support and advice she gave us. I think the fact that Christine is a retired midwife helped us to feel that we really were in safe hands and added to the information she was able to impart.

As the arrival of our baby approached I was so intrigued to see how hypnobirthing would work for us. I succumbed to a stretch and sweep at 41+3days for a couple of reasons (non-medical). We had been sent for a growth scan on the Friday morning as my bump was measuring 2cm less than it had the week before. all was ok with the scan and the estimated weight was 10lb 8oz! I was a little bit anxious about this but concentrated on some birth affirmations on the CD Christine had given us. I had also text Christine about this and she sent me some words of encouragement which was very helpful.

We then went for the sweep at 10.30am that same morning. By 10.40pm that evening I began to feel some surges that felt like period pain, I managed these by sitting on my birthing ball and being engrossed in the TV programme I was watching! We went to bed at 12am but by 1.30am the surges were getting a bit stronger and I felt I needed to get up and move around and time the surges.

I took myself downstairs as I wanted to be by myself. I lit some candles, burnt some lavender oil and walked around the living room. The surges were coming every 10 minutes lasting about 30seconds. I went back to bed at 3am and managed to sleep until 5am by which time I needed to get up and be mobile again. My husband and mum both got up at this time you and helped to set the lounge up lighting candles and playing our hypnobirthubg cd. My surges were coming every 7mins apart lasting about 30seconds. This continued all morning. By 12pm the surges were coming every 3 minutes apart lasting 50seconds. We called the hospital and they suggested I go in. Throughout pregnancy I had been concerned about loosing my focus on breathing and my visualisations during the transition to hospital. As it happens, I was so ‘in the zone’ I don’t remember the journey to hospital at all!

We arrived at the hospital at 12.45pm. Our midwife was wonderful and really on board with our hypbobirthing practice. She explained that because of the potential size of my baby that it wouldn’t be safe for me to have a water birth because of the possibility of shoulder distention. I felt this knock my confidence slightly but I soon regained my focus. I was then examined and told I was 2cm dilated but fully effaced and that perhaps I would like to go home and continue with my labour there. I really felt like baby was coming soon and that going home wouldn’t be worth it. The midwife left us in our room to go and write up my notes. Whilst she was gone my waters broke and I suddenly felt a very intense urge to push. The midwife came back in and suggested I get in the bath to help ease that urge to push. It helped a little but 20minutes later I was struggling to control the need to push. I got out of the bath and onto a birthing stool but still the urge to push didn’t subside, even with the help of gas and air.

The midwife asked if I would like her to examine me and see what was happening. I kneeled on the bed leaning on the headrest and she told me I was 8cm dilated. This was at 2.45pm. I stayed in that position focusing on my breathing using the gas and air with my husband guiding me through each surge. By 5.25pm I was holding our beautiful baby boy- all 10lb 6oz of him!

It was the most incredible, empowering experience of my life- I couldn’t believe I had done it. (Apparently I kept asking if I was doing it!) I firmly believe using hypnobirthing helped me achieve a very calm birth where I was in complete control. Thank you Christine for helping me achieve that!

H and J

(So proud of this mama. After being told she was having a large baby she never lost confidence in her ability to birth naturally – and was rewarded with the ‘most incredible, empowering experience’ of her life )



‘I was so worried about childbirth and it was just adding to an already angst filled pregnancy but the course saw me going from wanting an elective c-section to having a completely natural labour and birth. I think that speaks for itself! Both Chris and I cannot thank you enough for the support, encouragement and kindness you showed us throughout!

The sheer wealth of experience and advice on offer was just priceless. Couldn’t recommend you or your hypnobirthing course more, thank you’.

Annabel and Chris

(A fabulous example of how you can empower couples through education and support – Christine)



By chance I came across Christine’s website whilst searching the Internet. I read the information.I researched hypno birthing a little more and thought that this may be helpful to me. I spoke to my husband and although he was a little sceptical, agreed to come with me. We arranged private classes. Christine was really flexible and fit around us and our work commitments.

I was a little nervous about our first class as we really didn’t know what to expect. We were immediately put at ease. The first class explained what hypno birthing was and I was suprised to find that it was supported by mountains of scientific research. It completely made sense to me.

The further three classes built on what we had learnt and what we had been advised to practise in our own time. The more we learnt from Christine, the more we were put at ease and the more I was actually looking forward to the birth experience.

My husband noticed the difference in my attitude towards the birth. The fact that I was no longer nervous about the birth put him at ease as well.

The ‘due date’ came and went. I succumbed to a stretch and sweep after six days past and went into labour that evening. I experienced some mild tightenings which were initially not regular. These were completely bearable and in fact we simply continued with our usual daily routine.

The following day we went shopping, went for lunch and continued on. Late in the afternoon and evening the surges got a little more regular and I felt stronger tightenings. This again was fine and I was able to simply use breathing techniques to get through them.

Unfortunately I then noticed that I had started to bleed. We called the hospital and they told us to go in to be checked out. This was not what we wanted. We had planned to stay at home until as late as possible and then go in for a natural water birth using the techniques that we had learnt.

We got to the hospital and the surges continued. They got stronger and I continued breathing through them. The baby was monitored and was fine. I was checked and was 3 cm dialated.

I was moved up to the labour ward at around midnight. By then the surges were constant. There was no break and I was finding it increasingly hard to breath through them as I had no time to recover.

At this stage I was told that I would not be able to have my water birth that I had wished for due to the continuing bleeding and would have to stay strapped to the bed with the monitor to keep a check on the baby. This really changed everything as it took away all of the techniques that we had practised to work through the surges and through the labour.

Despite this, I continued using the hypno birthing techniques to stay calm and relaxed throughout. Due to the constant surges and my limited options I had left in dealing with them, I asked for pain relief. I had wanted a natural birth but had also kept an open mind and said that I would do what was right for me and the baby when the time came.

After another six hours, the medical staff advised me that I was bleeding too much and I was still only 3cm dialated despite being on a hormone drip to try to progress things. The baby was not coping with the strength of the surges and ultimately they decided that I needed an emergency c section. It later transpired that I had had a placenta abruption and had lost a significant amount of blood.

Despite all of this and the fact that the birth was very different to that which we had planned, we both remained calm throughout. I am certain that this was due to the hypno birthing and the attitude that we took up to and during the birth. The fact that we were hypno birthing also effected the way that the staff dealt with us too. The birthing room was very calm throughout. Without this, I am pretty sure I would have had some sort of meltdown, especially towards the end!

Thankfully, after the Caesarian we were presented with our beautiful baby girl Stella Mae.

We are now on the road to recovery. Again, the hypno birthing has had an effect on how we deal with things now and our home is calm. It has come in handy, especially during the 3am feeds. It is entirely right that the techniques that you learn during hypno birthing are transferable and can be used in all aspects of life.

Thank you Chris for all of your support both before and after the birth of our baby. We hope that this technique becomes more widely used in the future. It really does make a huge difference to the whole birth experience what ever the circumstances.

Thank you Chris,

Leanne and Karl Turner


(Again a very honest account regarding the unpredictability of birth but as stated by Leanne and Karl, hypnobirthing ‘really does make a huge difference to the whole birth experience what ever the circumstances.’ – Christine)


‘I woke on Monday morning to my waters breaking at 6.20am. I did panic to start off with, thinking I’d forgotten all that I had learnt, but then was excited, we were so close to meeting our baby.

I informed the hospital and a midwife and student came to see me around 10.30 to check on me. They were happy to leave us to it and said that if surges did not happen within 24 hours I would need to be admitted to hospital. I was determined to have our baby at home so started to use my birthing ball while watching comedy and cuddling my husband to help with the flow of oxytocin.

Before midday I went for a bath to relax and maintain focusing positively as I had discomfort in my lower back. I had been advised to use pain relief, but I avoided it as I wanted to know what my body was doing and opted for warm water to help soothe the discomfort. By 1.30 I was convinced surges had started as they were coming and going. I began doing my breathing exercises and relaxing while listening to the hypnobirthing CD in the dark with the use of a few candles.

My husband re-arranged the lounge and set up the birthing pool while popping in and out of the bathroom timing my surges. By 2.30, my surges were 4 minutes apart lasting 45 -1 minute, I informed the hospital again so the midwives could come out to us. As soon as the birthing pool was ready I got in it while waiting for the midwives to arrive. My surges slowed but I focussed on what my body was telling me and avoided everything else around me. My husband helped create a safe, warm, and peaceful atmosphere by playing the CD, I had candles alight and lavender in the oil burner.

By 4.30, two midwives and a student arrived. I got out of the pool and had a vaginal examination at which point my waters broke further. I was 3cms dilated and tried to calmly focus rather than thinking I was ‘only’ 3cms. This could have been made worse when I was told the baby was back to back, but as I felt I had the self control to overcome it, I was able to do so. I then started to have strong surges and spent most of the time, when out of the pool, on all fours on the kitchen floor where it was cool. My husband stayed close massaging my back, helping me into comfortable positions, whispering to encourage me to ride through each surge.

By 5.30, I started using gas and air to help me through the surges as I had routinely had paired surges followed by a small break where I could rest. During labour it was really hard to think positively due to the discomfort in my lower back but I continued listening to the CD and continued doing my breathing exercises. I did get emotional a few times when I began to feel I was not coping and had had enough but the hypnobirthing techniques, support from my husband and knowing that we were not far off meeting our little one gave me the extra boost to carry on.

Due to the training with Christine I knew what my body was doing, what was to happen and why I was getting emotional in the transitional stage. My mother arrived with my sister after 10pm and I felt I wasn’t far off getting out of the pool.

Shortly after this the midwife wanted to check how I was doing and when she did so confirmed the baby’s head was visible. I began to bear down and push while on my back. The discomfort wasn’t as intense as I put pressure on my back and the baby had moved into a more ideal position.

At this point a shift change meant we had 6 midwives in the room. I was determined for our baby to be born before the midwives that had been with us during the day left. We purposely hadn’t found out the sex so this was a surprise and a positive boost for me to work towards. I may have told the midwives they couldn’t leave because otherwise they wouldn’t find out. They obliged as not long after our baby was born following encouragement from so many midwives, my husband, mum and sister.

Yay it was a girl! Sakura Rebecca was born on 1st of June at 11.24pm, weighing 7lb 13oz.

When our baby was born she was calm, relaxed and barely cried. I was so over whelmed to finally have our little bundle of joy in my arms after 9 months of growing and 17 hours of labour. It really touched me hearing my husband cry as he met his daughter for the first time, a mixture of being overwhelmed of how we had made such a perfect little thing and that I now wasn’t in discomfort.
It was lovely to get my husband involved with hypnobirthing, so he had the knowledge of what would happen and how to help and support me through the labour. But no one can prepare you for how you will really feel once the baby has arrived.’

Abbie x


So, September 2014, the weekend of BTCC at Silverstone. Abs finds out she is pregnant. Cue phone calls, appointments and excitement from a select few who were notified early. It is amazing how priorities change when you find out you are going to become a parent. Job security becomes a much higher priority, wanted drum kits get put on the back burner, you have to think about whether your cars are suitable, your house is suitable, the area you live in is where you want your child to grow up, how you want your child to be born. In short, your brain WILL turn upside down. So how (on earth) do you stay sane?

Well we were presented with an opportunity which turned out to be hugely beneficial; hypnobirthing guided by Christine of Leto Therapies KG Hypnobirthing. The auto-response from people we told was either ‘I wouldn’t want to be hynotised’ from people who weren’t familiar with the concept, or ‘Absolutely Brilliant’ from those who were. You will likely have heard of the phrase ‘mind over matter.’ Well I have come to consider hypnobirthing as ‘power over mind over matter.’ There is no hypnosis other than of yourself, using given cues and visualisations to relax yourself, including other halves who WILL need to learn to switch off too. It teaches how to focus on relaxation absolutely during childbirth, as partners how to support this relaxation, by partaking and being prepared to remove barriers to relaxation. There is such an education about what happens during childbirth from Christine, that it put our local NHS trust to shame. Now I’m a stickler for standing up for entitlement, but having the support of Christine (and Abs’ Mum; a qualified midwife) on board helped me know what to fight for and fend off barriers to a relaxing birth. Boy was it needed.

Early morning on 1st June Abs’ waters broke, a varying flow rather than the stereotypical (One Born Every Minute is dreadful for reinforcing stereotypes) gush. Abs’ first thing to notice after that was back pain. We now knew this was an indication our baby was head down, but back to back. For anyone not aware, back to back births are often (not always) identified as the most painful.

However, we were trained well to think of this pain as discomfort, almost banishing the concept of ‘pain’ using the techniques learned in hypnobirthing sessions. Our birth plan was for a natural, home water birth with only Gas and Air. Had we not had the hypnobirthing training from Christine I strongly suspect the 17 hour labour would have ended in hospital. Our midwives were aware of this and knew we were taking our home birth seriously, afterwards admitting they were both surprised and impressed by Abs’ resilience to staying at home for the birth. We understood from the word go that Abs would need support. I understood the support I was able to give and what I could do within the plan.

Ultimately, Abs and I believe that Hypnobirthing sessions with Christine made the unlikely endurance of considerable discomfort (understatement much?) not only a possibility but an occurrence. Did we have to be flexible about a few things? Yes. Was the process a challenge. Was the birth worth it? Yes. Hands down.
Sakura was born at 23.24 on 1 June 2015.


(Love the honesty of these stories, birth is not always easy but women are strong, their bodies are made to give birth and hypnobirthing always makes a difference. Abbie was so impressed, she’s trained to become a hypnobirthing teacher ‘and pass on the positive experience’.)



Christine was great from start to finish of my massage. She took a full history and performed a thorough assessment to ensure I would receive the safest and most appropriate treatment. Christine made me feel comfortable throughout and I really enjoyed and felt like I benefitted from the massage. I have recommended Christine to all my friends and family and would really encourage anyone struggling with pain in pregnancy to visit Christine, C.

I had a pregnancy massage today with Christine at 38+4 weeks. What an amazing session! After a few stressful weeks at work my aim was to relax. Straight away I was put at ease. Christine went through everything with me and asked me about my objectives. The treatment was superb. I cannot fault it. I didn’t want it to end! Super relaxed now! Would highly recommend to any mum to be. Thank you! Charlotte x

Thanks Christine for my pregnancy massage on Monday. It had additional pre-natal moves that I had not experienced before. It was incredibly relaxing and must have prepared me well for baby as he arrived the next day!! Highly recommend to all pregnant ladies, Lucy x

Thank you so much for my wonderful pregnancy massage the other day. It was just amazing and you really helped me to relax and unwind. Looking forward to a few more! Janelle x