Both my experience as a midwife and research has demonstrated that many dads feel helpless during the birth of their baby. If they feel frightened because they don’t understand what is going on or wish to help but don’t know how, this fear produces adrenaline. This adrenaline can be transferred to the mother, slowing down labour or causing it to stop. Making birth a far more difficult experience.

Unlike many birth preparation classes KG Hypnobirthing encourages full involvement by the father, allowing them to play an active and invaluable role. Dads or partners are taught all about the birth process and the techniques aimed at supporting the mother during the birth. This includes simple massage, protecting the birth environment (lights down or off and minimum interruptions), encouraging words, hugs and kisses. All of which produces oxytocin and endorphins for a calm, gentle birth.

So, dads that are well informed, understand hypnobirthing and guide the mother into deep relaxation, are an asset in the birthing room. Mother and father become a mutually supportive team and the experience of birth is a positive one.


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