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Hypnobirthing is a well-established, effective and natural way to birth your baby. It is a full antenatal education programme which is simple, logical and profound. Your body is designed to give birth instinctively and efficiently – KG hypnobirthing shows you how. So what will you learn? You will be provided with in depth knowledge on how your body works during birth. You will also learn simple but effective techniques that ensure your body and mind work together for the best possible birth; a calm and positive birth.

Sadly, media coverage and sometimes the influence of friends and family regarding childbirth has programmed women (and men!) into believing that giving birth should be a long and painful experience. This instills fear, which can affect not only the birth of your baby but also result in a pregnancy filled with anxiety and apprehension. So, my aim is to empower you through knowledge and fill you with confidence and self-belief in the birthing process. This will leave you feeling fully prepared for your baby’s birth, the most joyful and life-affirming event of your life.

KG Hypnobirthing actively involves the father during the pregnancy and birth so that he becomes an integral part of the whole birth experience. As a father you will know that you have played a positive role in the birth of your child. Mother and father become a mutually supportive team and the whole birth experience is positive for all concerned.

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‘It is so good to find Hypnotherapy available locally for pregnancy and birth. After assisting so many women to have good birth experiences through Hypnotherapy myself, I am sad that I no longer have the capacity but very pleased that Chris is out there for women again. Having known Chris for a number of years now, I see Chris as a kind and gentle person who is committed to making birth an enjoyable experience and would be a great support to anyone on their childbirth journey.’      

Julie Flint, Midwife, Lecturer and Supervisor of Midwives.


Take a look around the site and read the testimonials generously shared by those who have benefitted from KG Hypnobirthing at Leto Therapies.


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